Meet Adoptive Mom and Author, Jan Crossen

Meet Jan Crossen
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
The 9 Lives Trilogy...struggles, dreams, and hope.
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Jan Crossen, B.S., M.S.A.

Jan's interest in the welfare of children began years ago when she was a high school teacher and coach in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA.  Jan was a mentor for many of her students and athletes, and maintains contact with several of them even today.

For several decades, Jan has sponsored children and families around the world through programs such as The Box Project, www.boxproject.org, World Vision, www.worldvision.org,  Heifer International, www.heiferinternational.org, and Kiva International, www.kivainternational.org

Jan was invited to serve as a court appointed surrogate parent for two young sibling living in foster care in Arizona.   At the conclusion of one of the many court hearings inwhich she participated on their behalf, The Honorable Judge said to her, "On behalf of the State of Arizona and Pima County, I would like to thank you, Ms Crossen, for your commitment to the welfare of these two young children.  I wish that each of our surrogate parents and Court Appointed Child Advocates were as dedicated and involved with the children as you have been."  

Jan has always dreamed of creating her family through adoption.  Her vision became a reality in 1999 with the adoption of her son, Joshua.  The fictionalized stories, in the
9 Lives Trilogy, were inspired by their love and lives together.